God Can Use Anyone

Did you know that God uses people of all ages – even children? You may remember a story about a boy named David. David was a shepherd. A shepherd is someone who takes care of sheep; sometimes lots of sheep at one time. David was only a young boy, but his father trusted him to take care of all of his sheep!

David loved God with all of his heart. Every day as he was watched over the sheep, he would write poems and sing songs to the Lord.

Because David loved the Lord, God blessed him in special ways. One day, while David was watching the sheep, a hungry lion came up attack them! Instead of being scared and running away, David ran after the lion and fought him with his bare hands! David wasn’t afraid because he knew the Lord was with him and that the Lord would give him strength to be a good protector for his sheep.

While David was out in the fields with his sheep one day, a man named Samuel came to visit David’s father. Samuel was a special man of God. He could hear God’s voice. God had told Samuel to go visit a man named Jesse. God said, “One of Jesse’s will be the next king of My people. Go to Jesse’s house and I will show you which son will be king.”

Jesse had seven sons. When Samuel met Jesse, he told him what God had said, that one of his sons would be the next king. Jesse was very excited! He knew God had to be talking about his oldest son, Eliab. Eliab was tall and handsome and strong; surely he was the son who would be the next king!

But God whispered to Samuel’s heart and said, “This is not the one. Do not look at how tall or strong or handsome he is, because he’s not the one to be king. For the Lord sees what you don’t see: you see what he looks like on the outside, but I see his heart.”

One by one Jesse’s sons came before Samuel and each time God said, “No.” Finally, Samuel said, “Jesse, are these all of the sons that you have?” Jesse said, “Well, my youngest son, David, is out in the field watching the sheep.” Samuel said, “Bring him to me.” And when David arrived, Samuel knew immediately that he was the son to be the next king because God whispered, “This is the one.”

Samuel took out a jug of oil and put some of it on David’s head as a sign that he would be the next king. Immediately, the Spirit of God filled David. The Spirit of God would lead David to be a great king one day. But just wait; God was going to use David even as a young boy to do amazing things.

We’re never too young for God to use us. When anyone loves the Lord with all of their heart and wants to live for Him, God will bless them and use them. The important thing is to understand that God is real and He is with us always. We should never forget to spend time with God because spending time with God takes away any fear that we may have. God loves us so much that He wants to remind us every day that He will take care of us! Next week, we’ll see how God used young David to save an entire army! Stay tuned!

Published by therigginslife teachmethestoriesofthebible

My heart is full and my forever has been changed because of Jesus Christ. My life has been abundantly blessed with an amazing, godly man, three precious sons, a daughter-in-love and the most beautiful granddaughter ever born. I love to sing and I love to write. Through a season of ministry working with young children, I discovered a love for sharing Bible stories in a way that they could easily understand and apply to their little lives. Almost by accident, I also discovered that these children enjoyed and easily related to the "stick figure characters" I drew on the whiteboard to go along with the stories. So here we are. The Lord said start sharing these stories and illustrations through a blog so that's what I'm doing. I pray they'll be a vehicle to share the love of Jesus with young and old alike.

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